Saturday, 19 May 2012

"Weekly" Weigh In 18: On A Plain

Weight after fifteen weeks of dieting and one week off the reservation:

21stones 12lbs/305lbs/138kg



Weight after sixteen weeks of dieting and one week off the reservation:

21stones 10lbs/305lbs/138kg



Weight after seventeen weeks of dieting and one week off the reservation:

21stones 11lbs/305lbs/138kg



I have had a hectic few weeks so time for blogging has been at a premium. Today I have eaten about an hour ago so this weight point may not be the most accurate, but you get the idea. Contributory factors to this include: Bike still broken, body still in shock from dropping three stones in five months, exercise still going up with two to four forty minute swims a week.

Essentially the whole diet business has kind of levelled out I am still eating the required amount although I tend to come significantly under on one day a week and a little over 100 cals over on one day as a rule. At the moment I am more concerned about exercise than about food. Since taking control of my diet I have learned (as I predicted all those months ago) what a sensible amount to eat in a day is and I feel I am managing my intake sensibly. To crack the next period of sustained loss I think I need my bike back and otherwise just to continue eating as I have been.

One thing I would like to catch up with is the salad consumption, We're now having one main salad every two weeks, although we are keeping up with the side salads on two to three occasions a week.

One day this week, just to see, I weighed myself in the morning. My weight point at around seven thirty a.m. was 21st 6lbs. I was interested to see this but as my weight points are gathered at 6pm-ish every day it did not count as an official weight point.

Keep tuning in and I'm sure that some serious downward motion will resume at some point soon... I hope.