Saturday, 4 February 2012

Weekly Weigh in 5: Duck Egg?

Weight after four weeks of dieting:

23stones 11lbs/333lbs/151kg



Obviously this looks like a bit of a rubbish result as I've been maintaining the diet in its usual mode and haven't suddenly made a dash for a BK bacon double cheese or anything. There are, however, two things that I believe have affected this result.

  1. I ate lunch quite late due to the car being in for its MOT
  2. My weight loss seems to take a swing pattern of down, down lots, up lots, up a bit, back down, down, down lots, up lots, up a bit, back down etc. Sort of a swirly spiral pattern. Last Saturday you happened to catch me on a down lots day and the following two days saw me scale back up to 24 briefly before sinking to 23 8 on Thursday this week and now I am due an up a bit day after being up lots yesterday from 23 8 to 23 10. So I expect we're just seeing the back end of 23 11 before I sink to the milestone weight south of 23 7 at some point in the coming week.
So I'm not really disheartened by this. It would be nice to lose convincingly every Saturday but some people's bodies just don't work like that.

Weekly Goals

Obviously I now have the goal of being back here next Saturday with a tangible loss, which should be a foregone conclusion if I am right about the weight swing phenomenon. I would like to be furthering my adventures with salad. I wanted to try out the company gym for size last week and it never happened, it would be good if I could look into that this week. Aside from that I am expecting to record one step at my weight milestone of 23 7 or below this week. So that's plenty to be going on with.

No diet report today because of having the car MOTed but I will endeavour to write it up tomorrow and if there is good news at the weigh in I shall possibly indicate that this has happened because I imagine if you have been following the diet you find this weekly weight report slightly disappointing.

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  1. I'm sure you're right and I'm sure you'll hit the milestone never to return next week!