Saturday, 11 February 2012

Weekly Weigh In 6: Nice

Weight after five weeks of dieting:

23stones 6lbs/328lbs/149kg


If you have been paying close attention you will know that this is not as spectacular as it seems because most of the weight actually came off the day after the last weigh in so in the last 6 days I have actually only seen a loss of 1lb/0.5kg still I am not one to look a gift loss in the mouth.

Weekly Goals

Generally I did well and myself and the Mrs got a bonus walk in the park in today, pictures to follow. We didn't get to check out the gym but that was due to circumstances beyond and all that. As the weather up here is so terrible my goals next week are not to allow my focus to slip, at least one walk, try to keep my head down and keep on plugging. The Mrs is also having a tough time at the moment due to various natural factors.

The Man Diet

I once heard a "man diet" described as a man making the very tiniest of changes to their diet and walking an extra 100-200 yards every day all the while dropping weight like nobody's business. It has to be said I have found my weight loss process to be relatively stable and quite easy to map. I have never put weight back up more than two days in a row and the longest plateau I've had so far has been four days.

Women have several disadvantages in dieting as a frantic Google has told us this evening. Women have a monthly cycle, if women consume too much salt they have a tendency to retain water. Men do not have to put up with arbitrary "bloating". This is a shame because men like to diet in that it makes them feel better about life and improves their health. Maybe a thinner man does feel proud and more confident as a by-product but it's not more of a triumph than, for example, watching a favourite sports team win a convincing victory (so I have heard).

Women, on the other hand, do inherit a moral component with dieting, and being thinner and less heavy is seen as virtuous. It is not the healthiest relationship to have with bodily mass but it is entrenched. Why it is that to women the issue of dieting and weight loss is a carnival merry-go-round of judgement and disapproval dependent, in many cases, on a circuitous and confusing number of factors, many of which are hormonal, is one of the great mysteries of life.

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