Sunday, 8 January 2012

Instant Control

I'm not very good at holding detailed information in my head long term or for instant access. But I am quite absorbed by it when I'm looking at it. I think most people are like that. I know vaguely how much money is in the bank but not exactly, for example. I love internet banking.

Already the knowledge of how many calories I'm taking in is starting to give me a map of specifically how much I'm eating. Bizarrely it's also helping me feel less hungry. Knowing the amount of calories I've taken on in the last few hours actually helps me say "Hey, I can't be hungry, look what I've eaten.", I am given to understand that the mileage of others may vary. I have had precisely no "cravings" except at meal times so far and even then carrots and peas are as good as sausages and bacon. This may alter over time.

I'm actually beginning to think that I may have managed to put on this weight through forgetfulness, a lack of knowledge and the wanton consumption of fried chicken. Who knew?

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