Saturday, 28 January 2012

Weekly Weigh In 4: Bye bye 24?

Weight after three weeks of dieting:

23stones 11lbs/333lbs/151kg



Ahem, if I may. Wooohoooo! Now, with standard fluctuations on a weekly basis I am imagining I will see 24 as the initial number of stones a couple more times before it is a memory but this is the debut of 23 as the number of whole stones that I weigh. I should point out that being 23 stone and 11 pounds is more or less weighing 24 stones, not more or less weighing 23 stones. But the direction is the same and the trend, for such as worry about such things, has remained constant.

Weekly Goals

Well I'm going to have to keep an eye on my weight loss as 5lbs is possibly slightly a little more than I would have expected to see and if it keeps dropping like that I might find myself in trouble later on.

Having said that I've had a lot of similar readings this week and this dip into the waters of the 23 stone area is after a long patch of "umming" and "ahhing" around the 24 dead on point. Maintaining my regime is obviously important this week but I would like to explore further my new found relationship with salad items and also finding more things that I can enjoy so I get a good variety of foods in my diet.

On which note I'm off to chomp down on some steak and frites with a delicious side salad and the dieter's favourite fruit and cream. The peanut butter Kitkats have been secreted away from temptation lying dormant until goal points have been passed.

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