Saturday, 21 January 2012

Weekly Weigh In 3: Plateau?

Weight after two weeks of dieting:

24st 1lb/337lbs/153kg



Obviously the conversions are approximate, last week I weighed slightly more than 154kg and this week I weigh slightly less than 153kg but we don't do decimal points in this house, oh no.

What's totally brilliant is that I'm one lb away from the duck egg on 24 stone and therefore two away from not having to see 24 stone on the scales again. The first in what I hope will be a number of small victories, nine of them to be precise.

I went for a haircut today and the ever so lovely hairdresser promised me a free haircut when I hit the teens, so some free motivation there!

Weekly Goals

This week I'm looking to maintain my current loss. Another couple of pounds would be awesome. Another walk or two wouldn't go amiss either. One day, just as an experiment, I would like to meet all of my nutritional needs and stop there, that might be quite a tricky one.

So see you all here next week, same monkey time, same monkey channel!

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  1. Well done - losing a kilo a week for a while would be awesome!