Thursday, 12 January 2012

Midweek Check In

Everything's going well so far. The main surprise being the difficulty I seem to be having meeting my requirements for protein and fat. It does make me suspicious of trying to diet without using some kind of computerised aid. I'm actually very fortunate to be dieting at a time when a machine can advise me the foods I can choose, track my progress and when every food item more or less comes with a panel telling me its nutritional breakdown. Any one who doesn't diet with these little helpers must have it tough.

Mrs Monkey is also finding Weightwatchers to be a help. In week one she dropped five pounds. We're both well versed in the facts and know that spectacular early loss just indicates that there was a lot there to be lost, this we know. I have been weighing myself daily for my Hacker's Diet chart but I will only be counting the weekly weigh in as the authorised version so I won't be putting it on here.

Before I sign off, back, briefly, to the protein and fat issue. I have found about three days on the trot now that when I am getting to the last 200 calories of my daily intake the balanced nutrition components I am most sorely missing are these two items i.e. if I necked some bacon or fried chicken I'd probably be quickly up to the limit. I can understand why dieters might find this counter intuitive, I do. As a lack of essential fat is known to contribute to depression isn't it possible that people find dieting all the harder because of their strenuous efforts to avoid all fat all the time?

Sticking to "healthy" foods such as fruit, oatmeal and low-fat prepared meals leaves me with a whopping 40% fat intake deficit at the end of the day. I have been countering this by necking some cheese but often still fall short. Food for thought...

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