Saturday, 7 January 2012

Weekly Weigh In 1: Starting Weight

Starting Weight: An Alarming...

24st 12lbs/348lbs/158kg

Hmmm. Not all one could have hoped for. Mind you. Having more weight means more to lose. To clarify I have set a target weight of 15st 7lbs/217lbs/98kg. This is not an advised weight from a doctor or anything, a doctor would probably want me to lose more like 13 stone, but I record that here purely to illustrate how ridiculous and depressing visiting the GP is likely to be for people wishing to diet.

From what I have so far observed of Mrs. Monkey's Weight Watchers diet week one the first week seems to be a bit of an easy ride, but perhaps that's intended to be. I am eating broadly the same sort of things as she is but with a few added refinements. As I am about four stone ahead of her that would seem to be about right.

The biggest challenges I see ahead of me in the upcoming weeks is that I have a lot of beer to finish off left over from Christmas. I'm not going to leave it to age so I'm wondering whether I'm actually going to lose anything in week one. We shall see.

As for my diet helper tools I shall review them in more depth when I've been using them a bit longer, but so far Cronometer seems to be fiddly but largely approachable whereas the Hacker's diet online is really no more than a log of weight.

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